It pays to live a healthy life

HealthBurger shows you why

There’s no denying that United States health care costs are skyrocketing. We all want to change the upward trajectory of health care costs, but as individuals, it seems impossible to make a difference. Because really, we’d have to relate these huge and undecipherable numbers to our personal lives first.

As health care consumers, we’re regularly inundated by complicated medical bills and paperwork from hospitals, specialists, pharmacies, and insurers. We know that we’re paying large sums for medical treatments, but we can’t decipher why and how. The truth is, many of the treatments and procedures we pay for could be avoided, leading to lower lifetime and national health care spending. But how do we educate ourselves on how and why healthcare costs are so high, and what we’re doing to make it so?

When we, at Substantial , got our hands on price transparency data, we had an idea(!). What if we could break down personal health care costs for consumers while also linking the dollar signs to their lifestyle choices? By shedding light on how unhealthy habits lead to future health costs, HealthBurger shows individuals that expensive medical treatments can be avoided or lessened by simple lifestyle changes (like less fast food and TV each week).

So what are you waiting for? Try out HealthBurger, where the lifestyle choices of today meet the health care spending of tomorrow.