Frequently Asked Questions

What is HealthBurger?
HealthBurger is a simple tool that educates users on how their daily lifestyle choices can affect future health care costs.
Where is the data coming from?
Substantial used the following publicly available data:
How does HealthBurger calculate my costs?
By combining your state, age and gender with your calculated health score, we are able to approximate your life expectancy and risk profile. By combining this with CMS Medicare Price Transparency information, we’re able to adjust spending for inflation during your lifetime and use your health score as a function of your overall risk.
How accurate is it?
HealthBurger is a fun and informative tool. It takes real world data and attempts to paint a picture of possible future health care spending. The lifestyle choices you make today will have an impact on your future health care, and that care could be very expensive. These numbers are not meant to be precise, but attempts have been made to make the values relative to current and future costs.
Why hamburgers?
We all know that eating a healthy diet is incredibly important, yet most Americans are guilty of following unhealthy eating habits, like indulging in fast food. We chose hamburgers to represent fast food consumption as they’re a widely regarded symbol of an unhealthy meal.
Why TV time?
Exercise is an important factor to improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, many Americans lead sedentary lives that consist of lots of screen time. We’re asking how many hours you’re spending in-front-of-the-TV-and-on-the-couch to gauge your relative activity levels.
Who is Substantial?
Substantial is a Digital Product Studio that creates innovative technology experiences with uncommon speed and craftsmanship. Substantial is based in Seattle and San Francisco.

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